We Are One Species
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We Are One Species

We Are One Species is Peace Accelerators annual flagship event. 

We Are One Species is a celebration for the International Day of Peace.
We will be celebrating all the cultures of the world, focusing one hour on each continent and one hour on space and our future. The purpose of the event is to remind the world how far our species has come and how far we are going to go in the future especially as we continue to overcome our small differences and violent conflicts. 

This Years Attendance Goal (2017) is 1000 people.
Our attendance Goal for 2018 is 10,000 people.
Our attendance goal for 2019 is 100,000 people. 

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Feedwalk 7

Feedwalk 7 will be our last feedwalk until November. 

At Feedwalks we prepare meals for those in need while bringing together TED talk speakers, musicians, dj's, and meditation leaders for an afternoon of inspiration, conversation around relevant issues of our time and their potential solutions, and community building. 

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